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The SUSTAINABILITY mission now interacts as a main goal together with REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE. Based on this premise, it is up to us agribusiness participants to understand: How to break paradigms that are deeply rooted? How to balance food production with the preservation of our biomes in view of the new world decisions? In this context of food diversity, how can we minimize the great social differences that exist in Brazil?

Participating in major international debate forums, the first at Bayer Crop Science Campus, Colonia (Germany), and then at the headquarters of the Round Table Responsible Soy (RTRS), Zurich (Switzerland), FAPCEN Superintendent and one of the founders of Agro Ouro (AMAO) women’s platform, Gisela Introvini was heard by representatives from 27 countries and 4 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and South America).
Food security within regenerative agriculture, like what happens in Brazilian agribusiness, was the main point discussed correlating food diversity, productivity and income to the farmer and the inclusion of people from the agribusiness of large grain Commodities,
On the occasion, Gisela Introvini, who is also Vice-President representing certified producers on the executive board of RTRS, presented the success stories that give professionalism to the man of the field over the 20 years of work at MATOPIBA.
FAPCEN has been developing this project since 2011 and is now beginning to gain recognition and voice internationally.
With the proactivity and expertise of the women who are part of the AMAO women’s platform and with the credibility gained by FAPCEN at a national and international level, new projects are started. With the certainty that we are increasingly contributing to the visibility of Maranhão and other states participating in this communication model that really values ​​Brazilian agribusiness.



Link em Português:https://fapcen.org.br/mulheres-que-interagem-com-a-seguranca-alimentar/

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