The Balsas Region Pact is a jurisdictional strategy within the proposed pillars focusing on food security (Produce), preservation of the Cerrado biome (Conserve) and the inclusion of native peoples with soy migrants (Include). As of 2020, all negotiations, webinars and face-to-face meetings were held with different actors, among them are the authorities belonging to 12 (twelve) municipalities located in the southern region of Maranhão and 24 (twenty-four) Institutions, being designated as signatories to the Pact. The coordination is under the responsibility of FAPCEN and the financial contribution and attracting investors to the IDH (The Susteinable Trade Initiative)

On the occasion, the IDH team composed of the IDH Global Landscape Director, Mr. Matthew Spencer, Nathália Monéa, Landscapes Brazil Senior Program Manager, Guilherme Justo, Soy Program Manager and Aline Silva, Project Supervisor, highlighted the importance achieved in the Pact, as well as the strategic engagement on the part of the Committee and signatory municipalities. for the advancement and fulfillment of the proposed goals.

FAPCEN, represented by its Executive Directors, Ana Cecilia Delavy, Diego Amaral, Sandra Kreling, Erivaldo Fonseca, Wilton Ribeiro, and the Superintendent, Gisela Introvini, highlighted in her presentation the counterpart that FAPCEN has to offer as a structural basis for operational development of the Pact in these municipalities together with their partner institutions

Among the counterpart, the proposed social works were presented for the RTRS certification with numerous rural producers, as a model proposed to minimize the great social differences of these cities and to narrow
relations between rural properties and traditional communities inserted in the surroundings.

In the presentation of the municipalities, Samaycon Gonçalves, FAPCEN Technician, presented the challenges and opportunities of each signatory municipality, highlighting the potential for tourism, livestock, environmental regulation, advancement of cotton cultivation, control of fires and illegal deforestation among other goals

The importance of the pronouncement of FAPCEN’s partner institutions is also highlighted in this event:

Lieutenant Colonel Pablo Willis of the Fire Department

Commander Nildison Pontes of the 4th Battalion of the Military Police

Chief AGED Nucleus of Balsas: Eugenio Pacelli and inspector Carlos Yuri

AGERP: Jordiany Paiva

SINFA: Diego Amaral Sampaio

SindiBalsas/SENAR: Marcelo Paulo De Lira

IFMA: Jean Magalhães Da Silva

Unibalsas: Jeferson Carvalho Barros and Alzira Coelho

Central Recycling: Giovanni Santos

AMAPA: Celiane Ferreira Moraes and Wellington Nascimento Silva

AMAO Women’s Platform: Sandra Kreling

Association of the Physically Disabled: Antonio Dos Reis and José Pereira Da SilvaCasa

Acalanto: Vânia Silva de Souza and Ediana Leite Dos Santos

At the end, the IDH team, through its Global Director of Landscapes, Matthew Spencer, comments on the strong impression of this meeting, firstly with regard to the work that FAPCEN has been developing over time in the region where an expansion of commodities with sustainability, and the partnerships conquered over time through Agrobalsas, which demonstrates complicity and involvement of all actors when invited by FAPCEN to discuss regional development. Matthew comments that it will be a great challenge for his team to overcome all expectations and hope that all municipalities are deposited in the IDH through FAPCEN.

Text by: Gisela Introvini
English Version: Daniel Barbosa


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