With the theme: Cerrado Connection and the woman’s role, The superintendent of FAPCEN (Support Foundation to Research of North Corridor), Gisela Introvini it will be one of the speakers on Camp Day 2022, event that will happen on February 18th  on Progresso Farm, Sebastião Leal City, Piauí. Other lectures of national renown like: Sônia Bonato, Cida Muniz and Vilma Machado will be part on the event, which will happen right after the National Soy Bean Harvest event.

Meet the farm that will host the National Soy Bean Harvest

The traditional opening of National Soy Bean Harvest  it will take place on February 17th  in  Sebastião Leal City, Piauí, inside the Progresso Farm. It is the first time that the state of Piauí will host the event, in addition to the so awaited event of the combines harvest lining up, the event will count with the participation of specialists in the area the the major experts on oilseeds to discuss about interests for all chain producers, like: production costs, market, technologies and logistics.
Showing a sample of the propriety where all this will take place, The project Soja Brasil and the Aprosoja, idealizes of the initiative, talked to the associate and Operational director of Progresso Farm, Gregory Sanders.

According to him, the farm that includes 36 thousand hectares of crops and in this harvest 21/22, 26.250 hectares were designed to the soy bean planting. “We are expecting to harvest between 60 and 63 bags in average per hectares. The rain volume was so helpful during the sowing and we didn’t have (veranico) mid summer  during the harvest”.

Production Costs

Sanders says, that just like other states, Piauí also felt the rising on production costs, originated, mainly for the elevation on fertilizant’s costs. Circumventing the issue and try to keep the profit, the adubation volume in this cicle was reduced thanks to the satisfactory reservation already existent in the soil because of the reinforce on lasts seasons.

The Operational director of Progresso Farm also highlights that Piauí being host of the National Soy Bean Harvest is a fulfillment. “Concur with the best soy harvest in the state of all time, of the last 20 years, when it started here, in fact”. The event will bring more projection to our state, to show for Brazil the importance of our crops and how we deal with the handling of this so important planting culture, even more now, time where it’s been recognized the importance of agriculture economics to the country”, stress the director.